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Those Addi hooks do look nice. Cadillac styling! And the handles may help prevent numbness and wrist pain. I suggest the knife style hold. It is much like holding the knitting needle. It is also important to minimize the flexing or bending of your wrist and favor the turning of the hook or twisting of your wrist to wrap the yarn over the hook to pull up your loop.

Knitpurlgurl, "Come over to the dark side, we have cookies!" (That's an inside joke with my children, apparently from the m&m dark candies commercials using Star Wars theme characters) Perhaps we can adjust it to "We have doilies!")

If you knit with the yarn in your left hand, you'll have an easier time learning crochet. Here is a website that has a drawing of how to hold the yarn in your left hand, it has one small difference from knitting. It doesn't wrap around your pinky! If you wrap the yarn around your pinky (as a knitter would) your tension will be too tight. Since you are a tight knitter, I suggest focusing on keeping your left hand relaxed and just flex and extend your index finger to adjust tension and also draw more yarn through your left hand.

I use a set of Wrights Boye hooks (D thru K) and their steel set (0,1,7,8,9,10) for crochet thread. That range serves my needs, and I've crocheted a number of projects from doilies to afghan to hats and scarves.

Both the Wrights Boye and the Addi hooks have smooth tapered heads. Contrast with Susan Bates Silvalume where the distance from the thumb tab to the hook is shorter and more consistent in diameter.

I think you made a good choice. Good luck with your Crochet!

Just avoid the pattern for the Doll Dress toilet paper cover.
(My mom has a couple of those and has gifted us with one.)

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