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Crochet Borders for Knitting Projects
I've been working on a bulky throw in garter stitch. The knitting came out great, but when I started crocheting the border, it stretched out my knitting along the sides. I was putting the crochet hook along the edge, between the "bumps" which seemed logical to me, but it wasn't working. Since I was using large needles and bulky yarn, it was easy to see my stitches, so I tried slipping the crochet hook into the top of my knit stitches, which did NOT seem right, but I was desperate. IT WORKED PERFECTLY! The springy/stretchy effect that I wanted and already had with the knitted part, is still intact with my single-crochet border. Doing it this way did create a right and wrong side to my work, since the border is now slightly on top rather than being perfectly on the edge, but my work still has the shape I entended, which is well worth the trade off.
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