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Originally Posted by Tinker View Post
I find that that loose edge stitch is always at the beginning of a purl row. I've tried many ways to fix it without success. What I do now is ignore it, but when picking up stitches for the gusset, I pick up BOTH loops of the edges. This has worked for me. Also, about that annoying hole, when you've picked up all the edge stitches for the gusset, pick up 2 more through the back loop of the row below where the gusset meets the sole. Picking up one doesn't quite do it.
Ew..the gusset hole option sounds good. When you pick up 2 more stitches through the back loop of the row below, is it two stitches at once or individually? Then you just reduce those down by having a few extra rows when you knit the gusset?

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