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Good news, bad news
Last week I had a hysterectomy and have been staying at a friends to recuperate. In preparing for that, I put the various meds I take into one of those pill minders.

So, the last three days I've become increasingly depressesd, weepy and have not been able to sleep. Since I take an anti-depressant, I chalked it up to a reaction to the surgery and missing my kitty. Today, I happened to look in my nighttime compartment and realized that the anti-depressant was missing. Here's the good news bad news part. The good news is it isn't the post surgery blues, the bad news, I obviously still need those damn pills! I was really hoping to be weaning myself off them soon but now, I'm not so sure.

I'm feeling physically great as far as the surgery goes, ZERO pain, I mean literally NO PAIN.... (I have the best doctor in the world) That was why I was confused about the depression... oh, could be worse, I could be in massive amounts of pain.

The best thing? I've had tons of no-guilt knitting time... There is always a silver lining isn't there?

Knitting is saving my sanity

OTN: Hats, hats and soon, socks!

FO:Hats-about 6 of them and a scarf for a coworker
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