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Wow everyone! Thanks for all your support! I am home now with my kitty on my lap and feel better already. I called my regular doc and he said to go ahead and take a pill now and then take one tonight and things should balance out. I sometimes think these "mistakes" are the way the Universe reminds me that I don't know it all. As all of you have said, this is not something to just stop (duh, I should know that by now). And I sometimes get cocky about it. My case is a case of chemistry and I need the pills to keep the chemistry balanced. Sometimes I just forget...

The best part of coming home??? The shipment of 5 balls of alpaca/silk yarn I ordered from WEBS! I ordered it to make a shawl for the friend who took me in after the surgery... it feels like pure heaven!!

Off to knit!!

Knitting is saving my sanity

OTN: Hats, hats and soon, socks!

FO:Hats-about 6 of them and a scarf for a coworker
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