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Running out of yarn for project. Yarn discontinued. Need Help with options!
I am working on the "Einstein Coat" from the Knitting Experience book. It is oversized and the bottom of the coat is knit in garter stitch. The bottom is knit from coat opening to coat opening, so it is garter stitch turned on it's side. The cast on edge is a crochet cast on and is the finished edge of the coat opening. My problem is that I thought I had calculated enough yarn for this portion of the coat and used a yarn I had in my stash for it. I think I'm going to be a few garter ridges short of what the pattern asks for. I can think of a few options and will put them here for you more experienced knitters to comment on and perhaps add your own options:
1. rip it all out and make something else with the yarn
2. Somehow put an edging on the open edges and extend the all the way up to the collar, but the question is How and what?
3. instead of using button holes and an overlapping front, use frogs as a closure so the ends butt up against each other, adding an inch or so to the circumfrence.
4. buy the same yarn off ebay in a different dye lot and take my chances and/or re-dye the whole piece of knitting (it's wool/acrylic).
5. Deal with it being a smaller circumfrence, and lose some weight But then what about adjusting the rest of the pattern which is picked up from the upper edge of the bottom (in a different color). I'd be picking up fewer stitches.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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