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Thanks for the reply
Yes, I was planning on using a different color for the top part.

So it will look okay to pick up stitches along the entire front edge from neck to bottom? Should I pick up through both loops or just one?

I guess I could re-knit it into a shorter jacket but I've already done all that work and I so much want to move on to other great projects I have in mind. I think if the different colored band will work then I'll try that first on what I have so far to see if I like it. If I don't like it, I guess I'll rip it all out and just chalk it up to experience.

As far as dying, I've never dyed acrylic but I have dyed wool. Wool dyes very easily with acid dyes and a big pot of hot water.

Do you know of any other sites where I could look for yarn people are getting rid of? The few sellers who have my yarn on ebay do not have my dye lot.

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