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Grafting the Toe
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So it will look okay to pick up stitches along the entire front edge from neck to bottom? Should I pick up through both loops or just one?
I'm not sure how it will look. Preferences vary, what one might approve another might not. I'm not sure how the give of the sideways garter will hold up as the edge of something with a buttonband. It might be fine, I just don't have any experience trying it. I think I would try picking up both loops to give more stability.

Other sites that might be prospects? Try the "Buy, Sell, Swap" folder here. And if you have Ravelry you there is probably somewhere there you could inquire and reach the biggest number of knitters and crocheters around.

I know starting over is no fun. If you put it aside and do your other project you are anxious to start in on and come back to this later it may not seem so bad. :-)
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