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I thought I would make a post about where I plan to donate my pet snuggle when the time comes for me to finish a blanket. I also though if others were unsure of a place to donate it, I would make a recommendation. Please don't feel obligated to donate to this organization it's just a suggestion as sometimes it's not always easy to figure out where you'd like to send your knitted gift! . They are a wonderful organization that helps to take care of animals, even unwanted ones. They have actually taken in all the pit bulls that were taken from Michael Vick's home in Virginia. They will have forever homes there if they are not adoptable. I also emailed the donation cordinator and she said they would be happy to accept our blankets (I wanted to be sure since blankets weren't on their wish list).

So if you're unsure or scoping out places to donate, you may consider this organization! I am making up some knitted catnip toys (thank you Shandeh for the pattern/idea) to send with my knitted blanket when my time comes!

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