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Crochet Pattern Help - Please!

I'm really new to crochet, and trying to teach myself from web pages and a small book. While I'm finding the individual stitches fine, I'm having real problems with understanding patterns, though I have found several useful web pages.

At the moment I am trying out a 'Christmas Hearts' pattern, which I love the look of. I think I have got to grips with line 1:
1 dc in 6 chain from hook, 5 dc, ch 4, 6 dc, ch 5, sl st in bottom of last dc.

Unfortunately I am scuppered at the 2nd line, which reads:

(begins by crocheting along the opposite side of the foundation chain) 4 dc (1 dc is replaced with ch 3), skip 4 , 4 dc, 9 dc in ch 5, 6 dc, 2 dc + ch 4 + 2 dc in ch 4, 6 dc, 9
dc in ch 5, sl st in top of first dc.

The bits I'm having trouble understanding are marked in bold.

Also, when it says that it begins crocheting along the opposite side of the foundation chain, does this mean you are just inserting your hook under a single loop, not the double loops you'd normally insert the hook under?

Any way, any help would be very gratefully recieved!


PS. I'm presuming that the '9 dc in ch 5' refers to doing 9dc in the 5 loops in the chain produced in the first row. Is that correct.

PPS. Thanks!
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