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What was the starting chain? I will guess 17 for 'in the round' with an L shaped first row.
Originally Posted by AnnaStocks View Post

I'm really new to crochet, and trying to teach myself from web pages and a small book.
Anna, Welcome to the darkside of the fiber.

I find to be a helpful crochet tutor and that link is to instructions for crochet in the round.

NexStitch has crochet videos that you may find helpful.

Originally Posted by AnnaStocks View Post
At the moment I am trying out a 'Christmas Hearts' pattern, which I love the look of. I think I have got to grips with line 1 [...] [u]nfortunately I am scuppered at the 2nd line, which reads:

(begins by crocheting along the opposite side of the foundation chain) 4 dc (1 dc is replaced with ch 3), skip 4 , 4 dc, 9 dc in ch 5, 6 dc, 2 dc + ch 4 + 2 dc in ch 4, 6 dc, 9
dc in ch 5, sl st in top of first dc.

The bits I'm having trouble understanding are marked in bold.
(Yoda's voice) Understand I do. Akward, the wording is.

I would translate that as follows:

"Turn to work in the other side of foundation chain, Chain 3 (counts as first dc) and dc in next 3 stitches." Skip 4, 4 dc in next 4 stitches (Note: you have made an inside corner in your L shaped chain), 9 dc in the ch 5 space (rounding out one end), 6 dc in next six stitches, [2 dc, ch 4, 2 dc] in the ch 4 space (this takes you around the outside corner of the L shaped work), 6 dc in next six sts., 9 dc in the ch 5 (rounding out the other end), and sl st to top of chain 3."

I added the parenthetic comments to help describe where you are in the shape. I found I didn't understand the pattern until I drew it out on paper and found it made an L shaped oval. It must be the center of the heart shape. That makes sense, doesn't it?

Originally Posted by AnnaStocks View Post
Also, when it says that it begins crocheting along the opposite side of the foundation chain, does this mean you are just inserting your hook under a single loop, not the double loops you'd normally insert the hook under?
Yes, you are working in the round (even though it is really more oval starting with a straight chain rather than a loop).

Can you tell I wrote that sentence before I finished the long explanation for the previous question? I was working backwards to figure out the foundation chain had 17 stitches and what the shape the stitches made.

Originally Posted by AnnaStocks View Post
PS. I'm presuming that the '9 dc in ch 5' refers to doing 9dc in the 5 loops in the chain produced in the first row. Is that correct.
Not quite but you are close. You go under, not through, the stitches of the ch 5, that way you get all 9 dc evely spaced around the chain 5 spanning the end. Treat the whole chain as the top loops of one big open stitch. Both times or both end it is used to rounds out the end of the "bent" foundation chain.

Look for the V Stitch pattern for an example drawing on this stitch guide site. If you look close you see the stitches wrap around the chain and not through the chain stitiches.

I hope that helps.


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I know, it is sameful of me to point it out.

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