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I'm working on two 3/4 length cardigans, both Elsebeth Lavold designs: Melissa and Phoebe. Phoebe is all done knitting, and almost all the blocking. Then seaming.

Melissa fronts and back are done knitting and blocking...but I am still working on the sleeves. Had the 1st sleeve almost done...and realized that I needed to re-knit it so that the blocks arrangement where the sleeves seam next to the body will be reverse in pattern. Doh.

I also took some "side trips"...and knit a Palindrome scarf with the leftover yarn from Phoebe, to wear with Phoebe. And am currently knitting a Brioche Reversible Cabled Scarf using leftover yarn from "Something Cocoa" cardigan.

The side trips are a break from Melissa. Melissa is a boring knit, and on top of that, the yarn (Tahki Donegal Tweed) is hard to work with. It is scratchy, and its nubbiness requires more hand muscle to work the stitches, and my right hand gets to hurting.

So I take a break and knit on something else that is soft and compliant! Fortunately, after washing/rinsing/blocking...the Tahki Donegal Tweed feels real nice. Not Malabrigo nice...but nice enough!

Here is a model photo of Phoebe:

Here is a model photo of Melissa:

Here is the Palidrome (still needs blocking):

Here is the Brioche, at 32" halfway done:

I've been swatching some new yarn tonight. Got some
great yarn on sale at ELANN...Peruvian Highland Donegal Tweed. It is a worsted wt...skeins are 109 yds for $2.80! Very soft, too! Single-ply which is my favorite. I want to design a zip-up sweater jacket for my DH, similar to my brother's Rick Ryan Jacket. I have some software called the Sweater Wizard. All you have to do to start off: find a yarn, make 4"x4" swatch using your pattern stitch of choice...then VOILA.

You enter your swatch data into the wizard, including needle size, and then your choice of style, neckline, sleeve style and shape, etc...and the wizard gives you the schematics and all the directions for the sweater. It is incredible. I am going to use the Wizard for guidance this time because I did way way way too much re-knitting on my brother's jacket, enough to last a lifetime. I'd rather give birth to another baby than knit another jacket on the blind.
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