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Ball winder tip
Just a small tip and something to think about if you like to spin light-weight yarn or have any plans to in the future.

I have a small ball winder that is still being made. I think I paid about $35.00. When I spin a bobbin full of lace-weight on my Lendrum and wind it ALL into a ball to ply back on itself, I find that my yarn tangles badly as it's being plied. I think it has to do with the increased yardage creating a fatter ball (on the small winder) as opposed to a taller and fatter ball (large ball winder). I end up with lots of breaks in my plied yarn and wasted singles that is just too tangled to do anything with. This problem does not occur if I keep the ball to a smaller size with less yardage however. I just like to ply all of it at once so I can get a nice hefty skein of plied yarn instead of a couple smaller ones. So, it's just a matter of preference but one I wish I knew about before I purchased the small ball winder.

Good luck with your decision.
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