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Beginner needs help, too much yarn between needles!
I've knitted a scarf using chunky yarn and size 17 needles and did not have this problem. Now I'm trying to knit a baby hat on circular needles (size 8) and once I get all my stitches casted on and begin to knit, the more stitches I knit, the longer the yarn gets between my two needles. By the end of the first row, I've got 2-3 inches of yarn between my two needles and it keeps getting tangled up with the yarn pulled from the ball. I am beyond frustrated, as I've tried different methods of casting on, making sure I'm tightening the yarn after I pull a stitch off, and holding the yarn different ways. Nothing works. I still wind up with that huge amount of yarn between the needles that just keeps growing as I knit. I might add, this also happens when I use regular size 8 needles.

I'm using the right size needles and yarn for my project, I just don't know how to fix it!

Also, when using circular needles, what do you do with the slip-knot cast on when you get to the end of the round?
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