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The cable that travels up the Front edges is the cable that now travels up and over the hood near your face. Later you will pick up stitches for the ribbing around the hood and down the fronts.

BTW...I seamed my hood together at the top edge BEFORE picking up stitches for the ribbing. Then you are doing ALL THE RIBBING for both fronts and the hood all in one giant swath...and you won't have an ugly seam at the top edge of the hood. It will be seamless.

I didn't' end my sleeve caps with a cable either. It would be a big lump. Not good. You did right!

Oh and whatever you do...DON'T bring the double-wide cable from the BACK up into the hood. It will unnecessarily suck up extra yarn...and kinda looks like the back of an alien's from Star Trek. That's just my opinion...for what it's worth...about 2 cents.
A lot of folks like the modification and did it!

IMO: Knit the back of the hood in plain st st like the pattern says. "Less is more" so the saying goes.
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