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Fibro/Chronic Fatigue Friends
Hello! I'm Laura and I'd like to start a thread for mutual support and encouragement for folks like me with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. This thread is for positive talk and encouragement, as well as understanding support.

I'm a knitter and I love! I love the community and the fact that I can get an answer to a knitting problem almost immediately, since there is always someone "on" looking at the help threads!

I have found that my "fibro-fog" interferes with working on some of the patterns I crave - sometimes I am able to follow the directions, and other times I just forget and can't seem to understand - and I'm talking the same project!

But then I just work on the easy stuff until my ability to count etc.. returns. I have one project which is still on hold waiting for my smarts to come back! It is a multiple cable vest, where the cables crisscross each other - counting and following a chart is a must.

Anyway, if you have fibro and/or chronic fatigue and would like to build a friendship system online, please reply!!
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