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I do warm baths as well. As soon as it gets to be about 60 outside, my feet are freezing and don't really thaw out until mid-spring. I also love Therma-care heat wraps.

I also make sure that I get as much sleep a night as possible. And I try not to drink much alcohol. This past weekend, my dh and I went to his family's lake house. I didn't sleep well (not enough sleep on an uncomfortable bed) and I had two glasses of wine. My entire body felt like one big bruise all day Sunday and today.

I also do pilates. And I try my hardest not to eat processed foods.

I'm definitely not cured, but now I'm lucky to only have one really bad "fibro-attack" a month. However, it usually hits more often during the winter months. I think Holiday stress has something to do with it.

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