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Hi Nathalie and Courtney,

My name is Laura and I am 51. Iwas diagnosed 2 years ago but I think I have had fibro always. My sister was never diagnosed but I believe she had it, really a very severe case too. Which makes me mad and is one reason I am a one-woman ad campaign to get recognition and understanding of fibro/chronic fatigue.

I have 3 kids, they range in age from 26 to 21, and are out on their own. I have a dog, Holly, who is my close companion

I am going through a divorce right now, my second... which is stressful, even though its the best thing in the circumstances.

I am a registered dietitian and I focus on FM/CFS in my work. I work for myself but am looking for a "regular" job too to provide more security. I'm hoping to find one where I can continue to help people with fibro.

I have had a heck of a couple of days... could use your good vibes sent in my direction! I'm going to go to Atlanta next month to get a workup form a specialist clinic there, and I'm really hopeful..(did I already post that before?) but right now my brain fog is frustrating the heck outta me. Just doing "normal' things is really hard -m driving, paying bills, juggling finances...

Even regular computer stuff is just too much for me. So hopefully tomorrow wll be better!

Interesting what you say about Magnesium helping get the calcium out of muscle cells. I take fibroplex which has magnesium, malic acid and manganese, and some Bvits - I do think the malic acid is essential. Probably just plain magnesium is not enough.

Talk more soon
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