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I had six rows left to finish on the back of my CPH when the doctor cut me off a few weeks ago. The physio had told me I could knit one row a day, provided I packed myself in pillows and kept my arms on the pillows while knitting. I was in a towering rage today, at my ISP, and didn't even think about it, I just picked my knitting up and finished the last two rows, which were all that I had left to do. Anyways, to make a long story short, I am finished the back of my CPH now. I CO for the left front but that is all I got done (a total of three rows before it dawned on me, through my rage, that I was not supposed to knit more than one row at a time). I am so glad to have at least one piece finished though. I'll pay for it tomorrow I am sure. A pattern this easy should not take this long to produce! Right now I am a knitting failure.
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