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Christine, you are NOT a knitting failure! You may just be a patient failure, though! JK!!! Your doctor might not be happy, but you feel good for having one piece finished!Hopefully, you won't have pain tomorrow!

Dollyce, thanks for the ribbing formula. I think I picked up about the right # of stitches, but it's not what the pattern called for.

I ran out of yarn! grrr. Thankfully, someone on Ravelry has half a ball left of the same dyelot and is willing to mail it to me. I decided to go ahead and block what I have done. I can at least do the seaming so that once I get the remaining yarn, I can finish. Since I'm halfway done with the ribbing band, that should be enough. I'm ready to do the buttonholes once I get the yarn. Does anyone have a formula for spacing them? I'm HORRIBLE at math!
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