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what abou this section of the pattern?

Divide for Neckline Placket:

Work first 52[56, 59, 63, 66, 70, 73, 80, 87] sts of next round in patt as set. Place next 8 sts on waste yarn or safety pin for neckline placket. Turn work so WS is facing. I knitted row 1 of waffle stitch.

further instrucitons.

Continue as follows:

Row 1 [WS]: Work Row 2 of Waffle Stitch (following directions beginning with a RS row) to marker; work Row 1 of Waffle Stitch (following directions beginning with a WS row) to end.

are you supposed to work row 2 and row 1 of waffle stitch at the same time for ROw 1 after knitting the divide for neckline? if so when do you stop on row 2 of waffle stitch to start row on row 1 of waffle stitch?

I am knittin gin the round.

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