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Hi Fibro-Friends

Hope you are having a good day. I added back short-acting guiafenesin a few days ago, which I had stopped back in May when all the !@#@$%#^& was hitting the fan - not sure if you guys are familiar with guai? Dr. St. amand (author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell YOu About Fibromyalgia) is the one who develpoed the protocol.

Anyway what happens with both long acting and short acting is that in the short run it makes symptoms worse but in the long run you get better and better and lots of people have gotten completely better. If you want more info just ask, I won't go into a long song and dance in this post

So have had a few mild indications that things are moving - and have decided a few things. In fact, yesterday I took myself in hand and developed a new plan

I usually have intensified symptoms in Autumn (even though I really love Autumn!) so it is a good time for me to simplify and gear down. So that is the main objective of my plan. As an extrovert I really like to be social, but right now I'm not gonna - mainly stay home and take care of myself. Soon, I hope, I will have a "real" job, so now is a good time to hang at home and get home stuff done, gently though! No over-achieving.

I have heard that people with FMS/CFS tend to be over-achievers, and the Teitelbaum book really goes into it... he describes ME to a T. So thats a good place to begin - with self-acceptance, and no judging of self OR others, and no judging ourselves when we catch ourselves judging!

Love to all - have to stop typing, my left hand is zinging me!
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