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You did the right thing for sure....

I am so sad that the world is the way it is sometimes....If you are in a teaching or educational environment and a child is crying, you are not to hug them, if you see an are to call the authorities...

They are really signs of the times...yes there are exceptions to every rule, and perhaps they are all necessary precautions, but sometimes it breaks my heart....

I was told by someone recently that there is even a thing as third party sexual harrassment....meaning that even though there maybe, for an example, two ppl consentually hugging...a third person viewing it all may feel uncomfortable by it...where does it stop?

Last year or so I stopped to help an old lady on a country road, her car had broken down and houses are fairly spaced out there. She accepted a ride back to her house, and was greatful for it, but I couldn't help thinking in the back of my mind that maybe it was a bad idea....maybe she would think I was an abductor, maybe she would hijack me....I mean both of them really horrible to the end...she got back to her house safe and sound...and I went on my way feeling good, but still feeling like I was lucky that nothing bad happened....*sigh* did the right thing.....!
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