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Cable Knit Scarf - how to make with 2 colors?
Hello everyone,

I just signed up today, looks like a very nice forum I am a beginner knitter. I know only the basics - knit, purl, slip stitch, bind off, work with cable needle, decrease stitch, etc. - and so far I have made 3 cable knit scarfs...all in solid colors. But now I would like my next project to be unique!
I would like to make a cable knit scarf where the cables themselves are 1 color, and the 'background' is another color. So I would be using two yarns of different color.

Would anybody know how to achieve this effect? How do I carry the 'cable' color through as I work the stitches for the rest of the scarf? Does it require that I add the 'cable' color when I reach that area and then cut it off? I would see that as extremely tedious and time consuming, so I'm not sure what I should do.

I need a lot of help/instruction. I would love to get started on my project Can anyone assist me?

Many thanks in advance!
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