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Thank you everyone for your posts

Many thanks to you, Mystery_Gyrl, for the links that provide instruction for what I'm trying to achieve. I am doing a basic cable pattern, it is worked over 12 stitches. I've attached a photo of the first cable scarf I made last it was in progress.

gargoylelib, your knitted pillow cover is amazing!

Saturday, shortly after posting my post, I started to try out a stitch pattern I've never done before, and now I'm making it into another scarf The stitch is called Small Diamond Brocade. I got it from the Vogue Stitchionary Book for knit and purl stitches. Here is what I have so far, and a closeup of the stitch pattern too.

Would any of you be able to recommend a good, easy to understand, and thorough, book for someone like me? I want to learn a lot of the techniques and such.

Many thanks again to all of you
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