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Originally Posted by AngCable View Post
I love borrowing books from the library, and one of the libraries has How To Knit, so I put in a request. I will have to look up the other suggestions by Mystery_Gyrl too. Thanks so much!

The link for the reversible cable knit scarf was great! I bookmarked that page as well as the I see myself getting very carried away into knitting

Has anyone knitted with the 'cashmere' feel yarn made by Bernat? JoAnn Fabrics doesn't sell it anymore...I wonder why.
Is there a yarn brand/style that any of you like in particular that washes up well after many washes? (Sorry to veer off the subject of my post)
Well, personally I have (lately) worked alot with Plymouth Encore... 75 acrylic/25wool. I like the feel, (very soft) and works up very nice, however, this is a "worsted wgt" so I used this for chunkier looking projects (men's stuff), and I have not washed anything yet...Patton's is nice too (I found some at Michael's Craft Store)
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