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there are several techniques for loom knitting..

one uses both sides of the loom
this creates a double sided fabric, that is thick, plush and warm.
It won't curl

you can also use a circular loom or half the pins on a straight loom to do a form of stocking knit stitch.. and this (like all sorts of stocking knit stitch!) will curl.

It is possible (*but a bit tricky!) to do a purl stitch on a loom.

a few purls (ribbing (alternate column of knits and purls) will help resolve the curling.. so will seed stitch (a checkerboard pattern of knit & purls)

but stocking knit curls!

a scarf knit in the round (on a circular loom) is double thick (a flattened tube) and this won't curl.. (but many looms are designed for chunky weigh 'wool'/yarn and making a doubles scarf (either flat loom doubled) or a circular one (flattened tube) is going to make a thick (and expensive) scarf.
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