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Flower Fun Swap! (CLOSED)
I know that there's already a swap in progress but I thought it would be fun to have one for the new year!
Registration by: December 18, 2008 (CLOSED)
Partners will be given by: January 1, 2009
Packages must be mailed by: January 31, 2009
The rules:
1. Every swapper will pick a flower that they like and the whole package for that person will be based around that flower.
2. When I say this is a flower swap I don't mean you have to send flowers, I mean you have to send flower themed items like: Flower notepad, Yarn in the colors of the flower they like, Stitch markers with that persons fav flower on it, Flower scented lotion, body wash, bath soak, perfume, ect.
3. Goodies are optional and are not included in the price range.
4. Have FUN!

The reason I am spacing out the Registration and Giving the partners is because everyone will be busy with the holidays.
I thought it would be a nice New Year Swap!
Please fill out the included Questionnaire and send it to
1. Your name (KH Screen name,Ravelry name, first name, last name):

2. Your mailing address:
3. Your primary email address:
4. If there are any problems with your questionnaire how would you like me to contact you? (Primary email or KnittingHelp PM)
5. Price category $5, $10, $15, $20 $30:
6. Your preference on possibly sending to someone in another country?
(Donít Mind Sending or Prefer Not To)

7. Is your home smoke &/o pet-free?
(all yarn being given should be kept oderless and kept away for any kind of pets for allergy reasons)

8. Do you have any allergies to pets &/o smoke?
9. Are you allergic or adverse to any types of yarns?
10. Fiber preference?
11. Color preference?
12. Other interest?
13. Would you be willing to be a Back Up Secret Knitter for someone who is unable to send to their assigned Pal? (you would then have 2 people to give to)
14. Favorite flower?

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