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I agree with what you said about 911.
It is an emergency number for a reason. I recently called 911 for myself a few weeks ago (November 12th, to be exact). I had called it on my cell phone, and my cell phone, when I had punched in 9-1-1, said "Attempting to make emergency call." I said to myself (out loud),"I know. I need it." After what I thought was going to help, eating a hamburger, I realized I was too weak to even hold the hamburger, and that I needed help.

To make a long story short, i had a hypoglycemic incident (combined with severe cramps/weakness from that time of the month and dehydration) at school (im a college senior) and was rushed to the ER in an ambulance because I very nearly fainted. I went to the ER a zombie and a ghost (I was 30% there mentally, at the most, more likely 25%. i was also as white as a hospital bedsheet. ) I got a room and was given IV fluids almost immediately (I had them for 3 hours). I was registered later because I was in such bad shape that I could not even sit up without feeling like I would faint. After a few hours of IV fluids, I was actually able to sit up without feeling faint and the color had returned to my skin. I went home (back to school...I live on campus) after three hours at the ER, able to walk and fully function. My friend Kyle (female) had been with me throughout the ordeal. I had asked her to go with me to the follow up, since she had been far more coherent than I and a wittness to what had happened. My GP (here in town) said that I may have a tendency to hypoglycemia since my dad is diabetic. He also said that the tests done in the ER made sense (all tests had come back normal).
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