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Originally Posted by miccisue View Post
You definitely did the right thing.

I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable, though. It's become scary to try and help a child who is in trouble.

A couple of years ago, I was at my local WalMart in the ladies clothing department, and there was a little girl about 3 or 4 just walking around crying her eyes out. I stopped and asked her if she was lost, and she said yes. Fortunately we were in site of the customer service desk, so I pointed to where the ladies were working and said "will you let me walk you over to the WalMart ladies so they can help find your mommy?" She said yes, so we walked over to the desk and had them page her mom. Well, when Mom showed up, she gave me a look like I'd tried to make off with her kid, and then started yelling at the little girl for not staying with them. I just nodded at the gals behind the counter and went on about my business.

It's sad when you feel weird and creepy about helping a child who is lost, cold, or in a bad situation.....and it makes you wonder how many people just turn around and walk away from the same situation simply so they won't have to get looked at like they're a criminal when all they're trying to do is help.
I've been in that situation a couple of times. Im not a huge fan of kids but i'm not going to walk by while a little kid is lost and scared. I will always ask if they are ok and where they last saw their parent/carer and then take them to the nearest shop assistant or security gaurd. but the number of times i have been looked at or even heard 'what are you doing with my daughter?' is ridiculous and now makes me hesitant to help. On one occasion where i was shouted at (whilst stood at the customer service desk where they were paging the mum) the little girl had taken my hand, presumably for comfort. I know the mother was probably shocked and scared herself, but it was no reason to go accusing somebody who helped of trying to abduct their child.

Im glad you are now at ease with your decision Bailsmom. I don't know if i would have done the same thing or alerted the police and stayed near/with the child ... i guess it all depends on the situation and the area you are in, but doing somthing is far better than doing nothing!

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