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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
do most contis use thin yarn and small needles more than english knitters do?
I don't. I use a lot of bulky weight yarns and big needles. My first afghan was made with SUPER bulky yarn and size 19 circs!
Originally Posted by Lisa R. View Post
I haven't made any decision on magic loop yet because I only tried it for a short time (couple of rows). One day, I'll give it a go for real and see.
Magic loop is AWESOME. I'm making my first pair of socks with it and it is so easy to do.
Originally Posted by Knit4Fun View Post
What I do now that is super easy and comfortable (for me anyway) is to wrap the working yarn around my left middle finger at the knuckle (instead of all the way up by your hand) and then wrap it over the second finger again by the knuckle. Hope that makes sense.

Really, just do whatever you enjoy most and gives you the most comfort. It's all good!
Yeah, I can't stand the way it shows in the video. Maybe it's because I have really small hands or something, but my left hand is always cramping within minutes! Bottom line: Do what works for you!
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