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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
You don't have to learn continental if you're doing okay English style. One isn't better than another, just different, and you should use whatever's more comfortable for you.

What? Well, I guess if you are fast as an English style knitter then you don't have to learn continental.

Learning is just setting up a muscle memory pattern. When you have an existing muscle memory pattern, it is 'twitching' to do it your old way. Learning a new pattern first requires a thought to stop the old, instinctive twitch and then another commanding the new movement pattern. It take longer because you need to do double duty until the new pattern becomes instinctive to the muscles. Sometime you need to jog the old pattern out of the muscles before you can set up the new pattern of 'twitches.'

I first learned to crochet; the left hand holds and tensions the yarn while the right hand hooks the yarn, draws up the loops, and pulls through the stitches. I can not recall ever seeing anyone crochet in an English style.

Originally Posted by blueygh2 View Post
My technique for holding yarn is the same for knitting and crochet, I put the yarn over the index finger, below middle finger, above ring finger and below pinky, ... that gives me a good tension....

Yes, my technique is the same; though I'd also say I use the 'knife grip' on the hook which is much like how I hold the needle too.

Perhaps if you crochet for a time, then again practice the continental knitting you may jog the English habits enough to unseat them. Half the battle of learning a new technique is to unlearn or at least set aside the old habits and patterns that you've programmed into your muscles. You will find it easy to recall either method (English or Continental) once you have them both mastered.

Once you've mastered both English and Continental, you'll be all set for two-handed Fair Isle.

I was introduced to the idea of muscle memory when learning Tae Kwon-Do. The principle idea was that it required three correct repetitions to 'erase' each incorrect movement. Only when you had completed 1000 correct repetitions without error was it considered a beginning to mastering the movement.

Got any projects that require 3,000 knit stitches? How about 3,000 purls? It isn't that big; it is just 75 rows of 40 (garter) stitches or 150 rows of 40 st st. You'll get a nice scarf out of the practice.

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