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2009 YEAR OF THE STASH! Join the Stash Train!

2009 has arrived, right on time, too!

Would you like to make DESTASHING your New Year's Resolution? I heard on the News: the USA is finally officially admitting we are in a RECESSION!

Maybe your country is also feeling the pinch!

What better reason to DESTASH? We must keep knitting...but must we also keep BUYING & BUYING yarn? Well, yes...but...wouldn't you love to use that beautiful yarn that has been lingering in YARN JAIL for months, maybe years?

As of January 1, 2009...our 2008 YEAR OF THE STASH thread will be retiring!

To welcome the 2009 STASH TRAIN...I am hosting the January KH Knitalong! The subject??? You guessed it!!! It will be a seamless STASHGAN project. Whether a small 'lapghan'...or a small 'babyghan'...or a medium-sized 'napghan'...or a large-sized 'manghan'...or a extra-large sized 'bedghan'...USING STASH YARN is the way to go! If you don't have quite enough stash yarn...there are some terrific yarn sales rolling in December! And you might be gifted with a Joann's gift card, too!

Please note that the Janurary KH-Knitalong can be worked on throughout the year! I will be available to assist you, and cheer you on, for the entire year! But let's get rolling in January!

Here is the link to our Seamless Blanket Project KAL.

Why not join us? Put January 1, 2009 in your calendar!

Whether using Stash Yarn for a host of different projects, or using Stash Yarn to create a seamless blanket...just use that Stash for something in 2009! Heaven knows I need to!
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