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I didn't read all the posts here so I don't really know what has been said.

But my opinion is; if continental doesn't feel right DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!! There seems to be a silly "myth" that real knitters knit left handed. BALDERDASH. Some of the best knitters I know knit english.

I had a knitting teacher this fall who said that the "fastest knitter in the world" knits right handed. I don't know who that is and can't verify it but some of the students got into a discussion about knitting and the belief was you weren't a "real" knitter unless you knitted continental. As the only right handed knitter in the group I was greatly offended.

The class was a color stranding class and interestingly enough I had no trouble holding two colors; the main in my right and the second in my left. I was the only one to finish the project and in the end it was quite clear that my stitch tension was much better than the "real" knitters.

So I say, Do what feels good. The Zen of knitting is the process and if you aren't enjoying what you are doing WHAT IS THE POINT?
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