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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Yes, I learned about muscle memory from yoga and tai chi, and it does take some repetition to get your muscles to memorize movers so you can do them without thinking.

It isn't so much about which style is `faster', but which is easier and more comfortable for the individual knitter to use. I crochet too, I think I learned about the same time as knitting, but I realize they're different ways of manipulating yarn and I hold it in my left to crochet, and my right to knit.

Yes, comfort and ease are the key. I also like the "Zen of Knitting" comment by GinnyG.

I also think comfort comes with practice, so if you want to learn another way of holding the yarn while you knit or purl it will take consistent practice. Start slow. Get comfortable with it, and then improve upon it with smaller movements and the speed will come. If the comfort doesn't come, don't try to force it.

Having alternate methods can open possibilities, but I think comfort is essential to the enjoyment and relaxation (is that the Zen?) of woolcraft.

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