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Originally Posted by OffJumpsJack View Post
Having alternate methods can open possibilities, but I think comfort is essential to the enjoyment and relaxation (is that the Zen?) of woolcraft.


There are two kinds of knitting; process knitting and product knitting. We are all a bit of both although one may outweigh the other.

Product knitting is knitting purely for the end result. I am doing alot of "product knitting" at the moment. The holidays are coming and I have items to finish for gifts. While I always enjoy knitting I do not enjoy product knitting as much as process knitting.

Process knitting is knitting for the sake of knitting. Knitting because you love the color and feel of the wool, the smoothness of the needles, the sound they make as you knit. Process knitting is the only true path to knitting ZEN, it is a meditative act that does not care how long it takes to complete an object but takes joy in each stitch.
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