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if wool were discovered today, and pitted against synthetics the wool manufactures would be telling you:

Warm with out wet.. wool naturally wicks away moisture.. keeping you warm and dry..

Warmth even when wet..get stuck in the rain? splashed by a car or bus? stepped into a puddle? wool still insulates and keeps you warm..

Fire retardant--wool is safer.. its great for blankets and baby clothes, because it is naturally fire resistant (it resist flames, and will self extinquish one the fire source is removed)

Versital.. very light weight wool is cool in summer because of its wicking properties, (the best mens suits are made from 'tropical weight wool (so light weight it is almost sheer!)
and warm in winter.

Take dye well (and since it only needs an mild acid to set dye, its pretty organic.)--and resist fading.

its a natural, renewable resource.

It is natural water proof--(to varying degrees.. )

its natural absorbant (which is why its used for babies sookers)

its has anti bacterial properties (which is why the sookers don't smell--well not nearly as much as expect!)

it can wash or dry cleaned..

It resist wrinkling, (and creases can be removed by the steam from a shower!)

Really--it would be the best thing you could think of!

it has 2 "drawbacks" --it felt--(which is also an asset)

and moths.
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