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Have you Asked Hermione?
Originally Posted by love2beweird View Post
I used the stockenett stitch, size 6 needles, and worsted weight yarn. I tried before with circular needles but it was too thick.How can I get my Harry Potter scarf to stop curling up without it looking bad or having to take it out?

She used a hair potion before the Yewl Ball, perhaps she'd have a charm or potion for the yarn?

I'd actually suggest using a garter stitch for the scarf, that way it would be reversible without having to be a double thick tube.

But you could ask Prof. Flitwick, I'm sure he whould have several possible charms for just such vexing annoyances.


P.S. If you haven't heard of it, visit the Harry Potter Lexicon and it's forum.
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