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If you're a Raveler, and if you're going to knit the LOG CABIN style should review all the other LOG CABIN projects shown on Ravelry.

If you're going to make the baby-sized LOG CABIN...
there are 570 blankets to review. WOW!

If you're going to make the adult-sized LOB CABIN...
there are 447 blankets to review. WOW!

Why review all these projects? There's a lot to be learned from those who have gone before us! It doesn't take as long as you might think. I don't open all the projects. I just open the ones that catch my eye, either because they are great, or not-so-great.

1) pick up "tips" TO DO...
2) and things NOT TO DO
3) see how they worked their color placements:
some are GREAT, some are not-so-great, but you can learn
from this too and can avoid what you don't care for
4) see their modifications
5) review their notes
6) see how they worked their borders
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