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It's SO UNFAIR: Guys Presents vs. Gals Presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every Christmas and birthday it's the same thing...........DH has it SOOOOOOOO easy, I was just telling him the other night. He could LITERALLYwait to start shopping for my gifts until 12/24, drop in at Hobby Lobby or Michael's or some such store around 8 PM and walk out with a TON of stuff I'd LOVE to receive. Not that he would do that, he likes to pick out special gifts and has always put a lot of thought into his choices.

BUT.............when it comes to buying for him, I start tearing my hair out a couple of months ahead of time! Guy presents are either expensive or just plain hard to decide on. I couldn't begin to know what coins would be good to give him as a gift or anything such thing!

To make matters worse, DH has NO hobbies which require buying stuff! AND he doesn't like to get clothes........the one thing he DOES wear out!

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what are you getting your guy this year????????

I did buy him a couple of nice dress shirts, and a radio he wanted with short wave, etc. I've also already purchased some TV series that he's into now: The original series' Twilight Zone and Mission Impossible.
Now what????????? I've knitted him 2 pairs of socks in Knit Picks Essentials and he says they are too hot on his feet (we live in HOT S. TX), so until I find a better yarn without wool, no socks!
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