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Well, my hubby usually wants clothes (he has a tendency to get holes in stuff - battery acid - or tear it on something), so that's not a big problem.

For fun stuff, though, I usually get him DVDs and books (he likes to read science fiction stuff). I'm thinking of picking up the last Indiana Jones movie this year. He doesn't really have hobbies, either. He likes to tinker with stuff, but generally the things he's torn up stay torn up so I don't encourage that one a whole lot. (For instance, he took a little table apart to refinish and fix and give to me for our 1st anniversary. That was 28 years ago, and the thing is still in pieces in the basement. Oy!!!!!!!!!) He also like electronic stuff - so I've gotten him a GPS in the past, an MP3 player, that kind of thing. I don't know...generally I just get a feeling about something and buy it. Sometimes I do well, sometimes it just sits......oh well, I try. LOL!!!!!
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