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I'm using WORD and the 'Insert Shapes' feature to create a blank schematic for the Log Cabin, both the kid and adults schematic.

Here are some photos of them. I printed the blanks for myself...
I'll use them to tinker around with color placement.

The "Insert Shapes" feature in WORD also allows you to fill in colors. So that is what I've done with the color schematic images.

I have about 6 colors plus ecru, and I wanted to use them all but the schematics seem to show that they won't all work out. Just 4 colors. I dunno. I'll keep tinkering.

You could save the blank schematics to your 'puter and print them out if you don't have WORD and Insert Shapes feature. Or, if you will PM me with your real email address, I'll send them to you via email attachment.

This is the Adult Sized Log Cabin blank schematic:

With color (I modified the bottom 2 big squares for a trial):

This is the Baby Sized Log Cabin blank schematic:

With color:

Here is my bag of yarn. The ecru is not in there.

They remind me of PANSY colors! I love pansies!
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