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Originally Posted by Marria View Post
I'm in too, but not for the lapghan--why is this? Because I have a second resolution, and that is to finish all my UFOs. Seriously, I have a toddler sweater that just needs a button band and a baby blanket that needs maybe another 6 or 8 inches of knitting. And the size of my stash is ridiculous, even AFTER I gave a bunch of yarn to a wonderful co-worker who crochets and who just retired. So:

1. I will complete my UFOs.
2. I will not purchase any new yarn until I have completed my UFOs and knitted or crocheted at least two more projects using yarn from my existing stash. And then, I will not purchase any more yarn than is required for one and only one project!

Thanks or the suggestion. It's a great idea!

Way to Go Marria! You Rock!!!
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