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Originally Posted by MAmaDawn View Post
I know that I'm getting more yarn for Christmas, I have about 3 tubs of yarn, but a lot of it is for the afghans I'm working on, so I don't think I have enough for the Stashgan that are in the same weight, but I do want to use up a lot of my stash... So I'm in for this....

I think I'll look over my stash in Rav and see what I want to make....

I do have this one yarn that a ribbon/ladder type and I want to make a simple lacy scarf.... I might just use really big needles for it...

This will be fun! Wonder hos much I can use up.....
Same here. I'm not quite sure if I have enough of this acrylic to finish Celeste's LOG CABIN kid sized stashghan, but I'm gonna start it...and use the yarn til it all gone...if I fall short...I might buy a skein or two of Simply Soft acrylic to finish it. But the main thing is that I will be getting rid of 2,000+ yds of old acrylic from my yarn jail!
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