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Getting very frustrated here! Please help...
Ok, i taught myself to knit without much hinderance, but for some reason crochet is not coming as easily to me (i would have thought it had been the other way around)... anyway, I know the basic stitch patterns like single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, etc but i am having trouble incorporating them in a pattern..

For instance, I am working on a bootie pattern (with various sizes hence the different #'s in the parentheses), and it is as follows:

Ch (9,11,12,14). Make 3 sc in 2nd ch from hk. Sc (3,4,4,5). Hdc 1. Dc(2,3,4,5). Make 7 dc in last ch.

Ok, so I have figured out that I need to start by making a chain with 11 stitches (i am making the 2nd size) and that i need to go into my 2nd chain from the hook to start my single crochet, but thats when I start getting confused with the directions.. it says make 3 sc, so do I make all 3 sc in that one stitch (the 2nd ch from hk)?? Or make a sc and continue to the next stitch and so on. I am also confused as to whether the pattern is stating to make 3 single crochet (if making the first size) and then an additional (3,4,4,5) sc...ugh.. maybe I should stick with knitting, at least those patterns are straight forward..

Is crochet like knitting in that you work stitch to stitch or can you keep crocheting in the same stitch over and over ???

Can anyone help me? Or am i too confusing with my questions??
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