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Had the appt....
The appt was today and I was impressed. I like the doc, and the staff... good thing, I was there 6 hrs No Kidding! I hr with the doc and then lab work (don't ask how many tubes of blood they drew) then 2 IVs, and a shot, which I was taught to give, and gave, myself!

My cousin came with and it was great to have her there for company and support. She even went out and got us breakfast after the labs were done, which we munched on as the first IV dripped. Just like everybody else who was there.

I have list sof stuff and new meds and then will get more and/or have them changed based on the lab results. Its a process that continues for 9 mos to a year, and by the end of that time they predict i will be recovered or almost so, and weaned off most of the meds and supps. I am really excited to see what happens and I promise to be a cooperative patient and do everything they say. I want to maximize my chances for a good recovery.

much love to all of you,
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