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Alpaca Fiber Questions
I just received my first order of alpaca fibers today so I could teach myself to spin on a drop spindle. I have no experience with alpaca or any fiber so I have a couple questions.

I got two kinds: reddish brown Huaquaya and light gray Suri.

The suri is softer and the locks are 7+ inches long. I love it, I can spin it as is, just separate each lock into three sections and go.

The Huaquaya is a different matter, the locks are barely 4" long and are about impossible to separate. They have bits of vm and feel dirty. Now I got a very good price on it, so I expected it to need washing.

My questions are: How long are alpaca fibers supposed to be, the good kind, called blanket I believe? Did I maybe get the less desirable locks? Or are they shorter because maybe they are from a young alpaca? Is 4" too short to work with and comb out?


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