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Need your opinion!
My dentist's assistant wants some knitted 4"x6" scrubbies, made from Sugar 'n' Cream w/ nylon netting knit together.

I had my last dental appointment today, and she was asking about them again. I told her I had ordered 4 spools of 3" nylon netting and I am going to knit some scrubbies for myself and friends.

She wants to pay for them, and she said this prolly 3 times.

What would you charge for these 4x6 scrubbies? Each one won't take that much time, as you know, and the cost of netting and cotton won't be that much either.

Y'all know how much Sugar 'n' Cream cotton costs, and the nylon netting is 3" wide X 40 yds for $5.78 per spool after shipping costs. I don't know how many 4x6 scrubbies 40 yds will produce.
Does someone else know?

Would you charge $3 for a set of two? (@$1.50)
$10 for eight? (@$1.25)

What's your opinion? I know it's hard for knitters to assign a dollar value to knitted things because we don't pay for knitted things. We knit them "at cost" for our time and materials.

I know she personally wants 2 for sure. She has two 10-yr old scrubbies that her husband ruined when he used them for cleaning his butcher knives. Now they have holes! TEN YEARS! That is how she has babied her little scrubbies! She's lost without them.

Let me know what you think is fair. Actually I'd just give 'em to her, but I guess my time and the cost of materials are worth a bit.

I will knit more for her if she wants to give them as gifts for her adult female relatives and friends. That's why I was saying 8 for $10.
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