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Originally Posted by dairywife View Post
....Now I have to ask, Where did you find the netting?
I started a Yarn for "scrubbies"??? thread on Nov 25th...and one of our generous knitters found the netting sold by the spool! It eliminates the step of cutting the netting fabic/yardage into strips and tying them together! Aaargh on that!

Nylon Netting Spools. And some of the knitters have had experience with the seller, Linda...and they can vouch for her wonderful customer service practices. Their recommendation is what got me off my duff last night and to order the netting spools!

Take a peek through all the posts in that thread cuz a lot of knitters posted patterns and all kinds of good links for materials. I just happened to prefer the idea of the spool! Pre-cut and ready to knit! And no knots. If I had netting laying around, I would do it to use it up...but I don't.
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