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Backless bootie pattern for preemies? Anyone?
Hi everybody,

I posted a few weeks ago looking for info on a santa hat pattern for a preemie. It turned out beautifully and the baby was born at over 3lbs. I am still waiting for a picture and hope to post it.

I am on bed rest with a strong chance of a preemie myself. It is time to start knitting for the baby. After making so many blankets for others it is really exciting.

I saw a crochet pattern a while back for a croched backless baby bootie. Apparently the NICU staff prefers these becasue they put sensors on the babies heels. I can not find the pattern again.

Does anyone have a pattern for a knitted backless baby bootie? Our baby is probably a little over a lb now. My plan it to donate whatever our baby outgrows which I hope will be everything I knit up to 7 lbs!

I am also looking for the perfect stay on baby bootie (not sock style) pattern.

Thanks so much,

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